Magic The Gathering Collectible Card Sets

One of the best things about collecting Magic The Gathering Cards is building sets. I love the fact that some of the cards are rare, uncommon, and common. Making it a challenge to collect these cards improves the value ten fold. When I started playing back in the Stronghold days they did not have symbols denoting rarity of the cards and you had to go by best guess. This made collecting the cards harder but at the same time more rewarding when you could trade card for card not worrying about the dollar amount. Magic The Gathering has come a long way over the years. In my pervious posts we talked about foil cards and how much they have changed the game. Not its even harder for a collector like me to get a full set of cards along with its sister set in Foil. Something about those shinny cards keep me coming back for more.

Just think in another five year what in the world could magic do to change the face of the game again? If you’re like me and are a true collector I found some of the best way to get those pesky sets and rare cards is to just bite the bullet and buy them. Magic The Gathering has change the face of what it is to be a collectable card game, and this writer feels it’s for the best.

Sites like this that devote time and energy to bringing you only the best cards at the best prices are a real gem. Don’t stop collecting; keep playing, and most of all support your local gaming shop. But when they fall short remember to turn to the good old internet for the best deals around.